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Chapter 1 "Rise and Fall"
Chapter 2 "Down and Out in Byron Bay"
Chapter 3 "Bad News"
Chapter 4 "Blast From the Past"
Chapter 5 "The Road Back"
Chapter 6 "Bernie Blowhole"
Chapter 7 "A Big Day Out"
Chapter 8 "Deja Vu"
Chapter 9 "Chaos Theory"
Chapter 10 "Up a Gum Tree"
Chapter 11 "Party Hearty"
Chapter 12 "Road Trip"
Chapter 13 "Baz Fantasy"
Chapter 14 "Ass Love"
Chapter 15 "The Turd"
Chapter 16 "Quick Bill"
Chapter 17 "People Power"
Chapter 18 "Blynd Justice"
Chapter 19 "The Chopper"
Chapter 20 "Home Sweet Home"
Chapter 21 "Barrel of Death"
Chapter 22 "The Media is the Message"
Chapter 23 "The Protegé"
Chapter 24 "The Rendezvous"
Chapter 25 "The Handover"
Chapter 26 "The Ambush"
Chapter 27 "A Date with Destiny"
Chapter 28 "The Surf Off"
Chapter 29 "Rolling the Dice"
Chapter 30 "Coming Down"
Chapter 31 "The Bomb"
Chapter 32 "Lala"
Chapter 33 "The Hard-on"
Chapter 34 "The Dolphin House"
Chapter 35 "The Initiation" Online now!

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