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The Return of Gonad Man book available now!



The Return of Gonad Man
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The Return of Gonad Man book
For all lovers of surf comics, the long-awaited comic novel, The Return of Gonad Man, is now available – just in time to miss the Christmas rush. The story traces Gonad Man’s fall from grace at the end of the ’90s, his subsequent disappearance from public life and ultimate re-emergence in the new millennium as an inmate at the Byron Bay Broken Down Surfers Home, under the guidance of clinical surfologist Dr Blynd.

After a long and painful rehab, and with help from a few old mates, Gonad Man finds the strength to take on the might of surfing’s largest listed company, Bongwater International, and challenge his old nemesis, Smelly Skater, for the right to reclaim his island home.

Along the way he gets beaten up, knocked out, covered in shit and hideously barrelled, and uncovers the shocking truth behind surfing’s uneasy relationship between art and commerce.

“A must read!” Bunker Spreckles

“I could say, but I won’t!” MP

“Whose bong is it?” Bernie Blowhole


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Over 80 full-colour pages, perfect-bound paperback book

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As well as outrageous feats of surfing genius, story contains sex scenes, nudity, coarse language, drug use, violence and stupidity! And a giant dolphin turd!